Unsere wunderschöne Stella aus Bonn hat ein tolles Feedback auf Captain69 bekommen, dass ich Ihnen natürlich nicht vorenthalten möchte 😉

(…) This girl is amazing! Tight dancer´s body.. very pretty eastern european face excellent german and english language ability and smart as a tack… but we aren`t in a literature club here… so we got to fucking pretty quickly, and then did it until a meeting i could not rely or avoid made me stop.

This girl has a body that makes you want to move her around the room, and that she does… she gives as good as she takes, and once that tiny bit of ice is broken, Stella becomes unleashed.

A bit like a steer fight, with you risking a bit more, and she staring you down like „is that the best you got?“ …. this being our first date, I wash`t always sure if she was turned on or slightly appalled… so i sometimes stopped to ask if everything is OK… she assured me it was with some intense kissing.
We didn`t take a trip to greece, and she does`t list it, but with the vigor with she enjoyed my extensive rimming, i don`t think it is an impossibility.

This a girl i definitely will be seeing again…both for the intellectual discourse, as well as the pornographically sex. (…)

Hier können Sie den Beitrag selbst nachlesen, wenn Sie dies wünschen 🙂

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Herzlichst, Marie-Sophie