Every year, up to 4 million travelers spend their holidays on the island of Bali. The island attracts with white dream beaches, lovingly decorated temples, a fascinating culture and the hospitality of the locals. Thus, it is not surprising that so many tourists are drawn towards Bali. If you also book a Bali vacation, but do not want to experience this beautiful island alone, then an attractive companion from the Escort Bali is just the thing. Allow your charming companion to show you the island during the day while becoming your courtesan at night.


Your destination Bali offers many attractions. Let your enchanting travel escort explain to you why Bali is also called the „Island of the 1000 temples“. This has to do with the fact that the island is inhabited mainly by Hindus, while the Muslims who otherwise dominate the country, here represent rather a minority. In Bali and Balinese culture, religious festivals and traditions occupy an important place. You will find temples and shrines time and again and your companion of the Escort International will gladly guide you to where a ceremony or celebration is taking place.
The well-known temples include:
Pura Ulun, in the north of Kuta – there are 5 Buddha statues to visit
Tanah Lot – a Hindu temple
Pura Tanah Lot – unforgettable at sunset
Pura Besakih – the largest temple at the foot of the holy mountain Aung


Surely you want to have your charming travel companion not only as a courtesan by your side, but also as a charming companion throughout the day. Escort Bali gives you some tips on what you should not miss on Bali:
If you are drawn to the nightlife, the Kuta region is recommended, as there are numerous clubs and discos that promise fun for the entire night. The elephant caves in the north of the island, which were built around the 11th century AD, represent another highlight.
Here comes a little warning for Gitgit, the highest waterfall of the island with a height of 40 meters in the north of the island, near Lovina. According to legend, couples should not swim there together because it is said that they will part otherwise. This would be a pity if you have just come up with your charming companion in Bali, right?